QI Gong, Taijiquan, and Shaolin secretive routines develops a brilliant healthy appearance with energetic forces that is extremely attractive. Controlled movement throughout the entire body executes an artistic wave of dominance that is appealing to the eye. The audience needs to feel your powerful force and to be inspired is miraculous.

Shen the unconscious and conscious mind transmits electrically signaling through meridian channels that generates Ying Yang intrinsic energy forces maneuvering the contractile muscles at supreme levels keeping actors at a heighten alert level. Actors need a strong appearance with excellent body motion that keeps audience focused on them. Strong powerful energetic maneuvers consistently moves energetic forces throughout the entire body in mind that the audience can feel. The actor feels the atmosphere connecting the earth and sky that personifies the energy

Secretive routines execute artistic movements that the audience feels the compulsive surge of excitement as the peripheral nervous system engages the contractile muscles into the assault. Shen executes energy from the sky, Jing executes the energy from the earth, and QI generates the force that connects the three secret treasure energies in the microcosmic orbit energy field that explodes the fourth secret energy Chen. This energy is vital for executing devastating combat simultaneously it presents a healthy vibrance glow that is enchanting yet powerful.

The execution of combat makes every intricate movement clear as the professionalism justifies precise execution before, during, and throughout the execution. The Tiger is ready to engage in the assault as you can feel his magnificent energetic forces before he launches his attack. The Tiger’s retina visualizes the attack as he instantly opens acupuncture energy fields that takes him to a heightened level of awareness as the energetic forces execute the endocrine system it quickly secrete harmoniums into the bloodstream that nourishes the entire body to attack. Th

This type of Extreme excitement is missing in today’s combat and is replaced with special effects that don’t allow you to connect with the actor. Assassination execution combat energy conditioning routines assault with devastating precision force destroying the enemy instantly that is breathtaking to witness. Assassins shock the audience with tremendously structured consistent movements as determination dominates prevailing the superior force.

Prehistoric animals styles overwhelm the feeling of unbelievable pursuit as realism brings death to life. Tiger, Dragon, Panther, Eagle, and King Cobra maneuver the assassin with these supernatural powers put fear into your hearts. The execution of the Tiger and King Cobra assassination maneuver is light-years beyond the combat you are used to as it is an offensive attack that makes the audience realize that their martial arts system is useless against this incredible force.

Tiger’s explosive entrance is unstoppable, once contact is executed the release of the King Cobra is shocking as the kill only takes a few seconds. Tiger attacks the enemies entire body and mind instantly as simultaneously the legs attack crushing the enemies legs rendering him unconscious as the forearms attack the enemies arms, then the Tiger claws crush the neck and throat. The audience is shocked as you watch the trailer and realize this is real an extremely deadly.

Assassination execution maneuvers simultaneously executes the most fearful deadly force, the highest level of health, fantastic conditioning, consistent supply of energetic forces, illuminating fatigue, depression, and stress. Harvard Medical School and research centers throughout the world have endorsed Qi Gong, Taijiquan, and Shaolin as the best kept secrets in the world email the amount of disease they can cure and prevent is astronomical.

Professor Dodaro and General Hsu designed specialized routines for the film industry that are extraordinary and extremely enjoyable to perform with tremendous health benefits and combat skills. Professor spent 45 years training under Gen. Hsu and Dr. Zhang to master the system as it demands several hours daily to continue to escalate to the next level. Professor’s Mission is to inspire practitioners of the world to become healthy and love their lives.

The secrets of the universe exists to those who dedicate their lives to except it is a lifelong journey. Americans want everything fast and would totally destroy the system. Professor hopefully he will have children he can pass it down to. Small sections can be structured for individuals that privately protect the system. Professor would never commercialize the secretive routines or energy transformations. Gen. Hsu has given him permission to reveal specialized systems to actors.