China’s greatest strategic three-star General Hsu, Fun Yuen created 21 invincible Assassins and 21 Dragon Death Squad Assassins executing professional guerrilla warfare ending the 2nd Sino-Japanese War, 25 million civilians and 5 million soldiers gave their lives from 1937 to 1945, prelude to World War II.

General Hsu was raised by a Shaolin Royal Guard Warrior Monk from age 5 to 16 as he was escorted to become the personal bodyguard of Chiang Kai-Shek General and President of China. Gen. Hsu trained all of China’s military soldiers as Shaolin Warrior Monks train their armies. Dragon, Tiger, Panther, King Cobra, Eagle, Gorilla, Crane, and Orangutan are the main animal systems. Assassin animal styles are specialized to be strategically, scientifically, and ingenious in a unique chronological formations for maximum Force. Chairman Mao ordered Gen. Hsu, to train these assassins to attack and kill as many enemy soldiers as possible, then sabotage their camps high in the mountains at night, preventing the Japanese soldiers from attacking China’s major cities in the morning.

The Tiger Assassins are the first to be deployed guarding Gen. Hsu who always led the assaults, they would climb up the steep mountains with ropes allowing the other assassins to follow. Panthers are deployed as they are the greatest stealth predators entering the camp killing the guards, poisoning the water, and stealing supplies. Simultaneously the supreme Fire Dragon Killers enter the officers highly guarded tents cutting off their heads. Strategically King Cobra assassins placed explosives destroying hundreds’s of the enemy soldiers opening a pathway for escape. Eagle assassins from the Dragon Death Squad long range extraction artists protected the assassins consistently. Assassins were highly skilled killing quietly as the enemy rolled down their side to the ground.

Assassins were strategically trained to engage in the assault on all terrains. Combat on the steep mountain slopes took extraordinary training as assassination execution maneuvers conditioned assassins to move quickly executing lethal force in proximity as continual movements is vital. Assassins relied extensively on the explosive force of the Tiger engaging in the assault, instantly changing and enforcing the King Cobra constrictions to kill quietly preventing the enemy from escaping. It is vital to comprehend that assassins execute combat energy secretive conditioning routines before executing the assaults on the enemy camps and again upon returning safely. Assassins climb mountains, kill in the desert sands, maneuver in the snow, and fight real Tigers to protect their country.

Shaolin animal assassins were the outer guards the next morning on the battlefield protecting the city. The strategic formations allow a smaller skilled predators to overpower a larger regiments. Assassins executed the devastating force lethal strike that quickly penetrated the peripheral nervous system allowing for a quick kill. Impossible for the enemy to attack as the animals can change instantly never showing a particular style that is easy to defeat. Assassins executed deadly force in proximity with minimum energy loss as new energy immediately rejuvenates the assassin. Ingeniously China is the only military that executes tremendous force well engaged in the assault. Assassins are extraordinary with firearms, daggers, and rifles as the Dragon precise shooting is spectacular.

Assassins are ingenious as they can drop into a cross leg fire arm stance pivoting in a complete circle, execute tremendous speed with single and double daggers that execute pressurized force cutting that is amazing. Assassins use these secretive routines to train their mind and body to move instantly in all directions execute extreme deadly force allowing them to kill several of the enemy quickly. America uses techniques that tie up both of their hands leaving them vulnerable to die. It is impossible to use techniques as both of your hands on one of the enemies hands leaving your entire body open to die.

Dragon the most unique animal that changes into any of the other animals instantly preventing any enemy from figuring out the Dragon’s strategy. Dragon executes a cross leg stance that allows him to defend against many of the enemy simultaneously in proximity. Dragon is excellent for the execution of single and double-daggers with unbelievable skills in firearms with precise accuracy. Assassins execute combat energy conditioning maneuvers that attacks the enemy in motion, on different terrains, quickly twisting and turning to defend from all positions with deadly accurate strikes. Dragon executes the greatest intellectual
skills, amazing energy transformations, and generates tremendous deadly Devastating Force that travels through meridian channels destroying internal organs. It is vital to comprehend assassins move incredibly like the predator they resemble. Assassin’s can drop instantly into a cross leg formation this is unbelievable.

Each animal system quickly transforms energetic forces developing the supreme level that allows assassins to kill during the execution of the assassination maneuvers. This system would be best for Navy Intelligence that would protect our greatest force Navy Seals.

Xingyiquan Tiger is one of the five main military internal systems that takes a great amount of whole body strength to stay in one posture for 60 seconds that simultaneously increases muscle mass. Assassins strengthen their bodies to have an explosive entrance that is executed by Shaolin Quan-Fa Tiger and King Cobra. The assassination system is developed for maximum strength, extreme lethal force, and devastating destroying strikes in proximity.

Tiger and King Cobra were created to quickly bust through the enemies defense, apply a deadly poison hand crushing the throat preventing the enemy from making any sounds to warn his troop and slowly take the enemy to the ground. China’s assassins were an elite trained officers that would fight individually or in the pack of 21. Assassins executed secretive routines hours before they attacked enemy camps and when returned to alleviate any post-traumatic stress.

Female assassins are remarkable especially in Dragon, Panther, and King Cobra as they have the ability to twist and turn quicker than the male and are more precise with daggers and firearms. Females are more agile and usually smaller than the male allowing them to maneuver an attack with devastating force. Professor trained Chicago Female police officers to execute Tiger and King Cobra successfully saving their lives against dangerous street gangs.

Assassination systems were created on the battlefields proven effective over thousands of years. Systems were developed 7000 yrs. ago by Taoist monks, Generals, Military Tacticians, Emperors and 2000 years ago by Shaolin Warrior Monks. China evolved the first secretive military system demanded by the government 7,000 years ago Military QI Gong. Military Taijiquan created by General QI Wei Dynasty in 477 AD, Xingyiquan created by General Yue Fei Song Dynasty 960 to 1279 AD, Tongbeiquan Wei Dynasty, Shaolin Northern Wei Dynasty in 477 AD by Emperor Xiaowen military leader. Baguazhang evolved by Taoist and Buddhist Monks over 400 years ago. Traditional Chinese military and civilian systems have kept a country larger than ours healthier.

Shaolin assassin animal styles are practiced at China’s military academies that simultaneously transform combat energy conditioning and health. They are strategically, scientifically, and ingenious placed in a chronological order that is magnificent to execute powerful natural devastating lethal force without any tension or anger. These routines execute energetic forces that last 24 hours, then rejuvenate in the next training session. This positive energy conditions the entire biological life force system allowing maximum development with minimum energy. Jing develops sexual energy allowing longer greater performances is
pleasurable for both. Plus you should burn up some good calories as it should be an extraordinary workout that involves the entire body and mind.

Shaolin assassin animal systems have a tremendous amount of benefits as Prof. Dodaro at 65 years old is stronger and faster than when he was younger. It’s amazing as he lives pain-free, no pharmaceutical drugs, enormous amounts of energy, no psychoactive substance abuse or psychological dependencies that develop depression, suicide, stress, anger etc. This miraculous energy force allows him to continuously advance to supreme levels of intellectual skills. If you’re studying a martial arts that just offers combat you’re wasting your life. Superior levels of combat executed in combat energy conditioning routines kills quickly. Combat is vital to be natural and executed anywhere from sitting on the bus to walking down the streets. The execution of combat should be natural executed in proximity allowing you to protect your internal organs during the attack. It is best to try these spiritual energy routines to feel miraculously

Children develop incredible intellectual skills as the animal styles give them a variety of movements and allow their bodies to grow powerful. Tension in punching places tremendous pressure on the heart and the hard tension routines are extremely basic not really developing the mind. Animal systems use all the limbs simultaneously as hard styles use a single move. The obesity statistics for children is alarming they may never know how to be active.

Hard style martial arts that uses excessive muscular tension causes fatigue that allows muscle fibers to stiffen. This greatly reduces nourishment to insufficient level by stagnating the circulation of blood and lymph. When the hand clenches a fist, circulation stops in the hand as pressure is returning to the heart in the circulatory system and through the laogong acupuncture energy field point channel that directly connects to the heart. This places a tremendous stress on the heart that has caused severe heart attacks. Tension causes contraction of the heart that if struck can be fatal. Punches places negative pressure on the shoulder, elbow, wrist and finger joints that can damage range of motion, tendons, ligaments, fascia, nerves head, neck, and vertebrae.