The Three Secret Treasure Energies Shen, Jing, and QI execute the fourth energy Chen QI Meditative Pressurized Exploding Force. The Laogong Acupuncture energy point in the middle of the palm of hand is directly connected to the heart channel and explodes devastating pressurized force eliminating the enemy. The Yongquan acupuncture point in the middle of the soul of the foot extracts Jing energy from the earth that travels up the Meridian thrusting channels to the Qihai Dantian acupuncture field just below the navel.

Jing vitality energy transforms in the kidneys creating essence developing bone marrow that creates red and white blood cells. Kidney essence produces marrow that fills the spine, bone marrow, and spinal cord. Essence is the aspect of the body that creates growth development and sexuality. Jing strengthens the skeleton system that is vital to protect the internal organs and withstand excruciating pain.

Chinese military authentic traditional systems execute QI Meditated Pressurized Breathing that consistently places tremendous pressure on the skeleton structure increasing bone marrow density and muscle cell mass generating devastating exploding force.Assassination transformations of the three treasure energies explode the fourth secret energy Chen destroying force executed with the fire Dragon explosive claw that kills instantly.

Assassination maneuvers sculpture and cut muscles increasing cell growth and strengthen bone density to execute astonishing quick movements that change rapidly as a Panther attacking. Joints open to have greater force in motion as bones connect to bones by ligaments (connective tissue) that are stretched to lengthen preventing injuries that allow joints to be more supple with greater range of motion. Cartilage compresses and expands strengthening the tissue as synovial fluid is injected into the joints to protect them from shock and supplies oxygen, nutrients, as it removes carbon dioxide and metabolic wastes from the chondrocytes within the surrounding cartilage.

Maneuvers develop the biological life force system every second as simultaneously combat intellectual skills discover new pathways to generate enormous amounts of Chen QI pressurized exploding force. Assassins condition Shen Psyche to develop the smallest intricate systems in the body eliminating any weakness that can surface on the battlefield. Assassins pulsate energetic surges of intrinsic energies that ignite acupuncture energy fields at astronomic levels as the strategic routines that are ingeniously designed creating supernatural powers and immortality forces.

Assassination maneuvers consistently transform energies ingeniously in a chronological order as weight moves from left side slowly and powerful to the right side that erupts the 13 organ systems to quickly transform energies to nourish the contractile muscles to engage in the assault.

Assassins maneuver their bodies mimicking the traditional Dragon, Cobra, Tiger, Panther, Crane, and Gorilla as Shaolin animal styles completely catches the enemy off guard. Xingyiquan ferocious Tiger maneuvers stay in low crouching Tiger routines for two minutes with 80% of the weight on the back leg as the front leg stretched out and the palms stretched out forcing the joints to strengthen. Shen Psyche executes the endocrine system that simultaneously ignites QI meditative pressurized breathing to force these powerful hormones that were secreted in the circulatory system to strengthen the contractile muscles.

Xingyiquan forces the arms to be held for extended periods that consistently circulate energy in the upper extremities preventing fatigue on the battlefield. Tiger explodes in a low maneuver placing enormous amounts of pressure on the opposite leg and simultaneously on the arms. QI Gong meditative pressurized force breathing pumps large volumes of oxygenated enriched blood transformed with the endocrine hormones. This process develops supernatural energetic forces withstanding excruciating pain while engaged in the assault.

Shen Psyche enforces energy pathways to transmit extremely powerful signals at a greater velocity that feels magnificent and although the maneuvers exceptionally painful, the assassin sinks in a lower stance to generate supernatural powers.