Professor Joseph Dodaro’s Journey to conquer his extraordinary endeavor becoming DRAGON 22ND ASSASSIN. China’s famous strategic Three-Star General Hsu, Fun Yuen was ordered by Chairman Mao Zedong to evolve 21 Assassins to execute professional guerrilla warfare ending the Second Sino-Japanese War 1937 to 1945 / 25 million civilians and 5 million soldiers died. Assassins climbed mountains to kill as many of the officers as possible then sabotaged the enemy’s camp preventing them from attacking a major Chinese City. Gen. Hsu led each mission into the camps at night and on the battlefields.

Movie Dragon 21 Assassins & 21 Dragon Death Squad Assassin’s incredible missions over years / 2nd movie a Chicago boy Joseph Dodaro became a disciple for Gen. Hsu Fun Yuen 1977 to 1997 / disciple for Dr. Hong-Chao Zhang 1996-2016 of Wushu China’s government educator, founding member of Shanghai and Wuhan Institutes of Physical Education. Dr. Zhang Advanced him to Professor of Military Dragon QI Gong, 7000 yrs. old Professor Dragon Taijiquan, and Professor Dragon Shaolin 2000 yrs. old. Military QI Gong evolved in the 26th century B.C. at Taotang Shi, Tribal Society by Taoist Monks.

Prof. Dodaro became a disciple for Shaolin Warrior Monk James Lee, trained by his disciple. 1971-2010 Advance to Master of Shaolin Quan-Fa Tiger / King Cobra a secret family clan system presented to the Shaolin Temple created for Warrior Monk Guards to protect the Abbott. He was a disciple in Japanese Art of Aiki-Jujutsu by Zen Priest Shihan Fumio Toyoda 1974-2001 and Cmdr. Koichi Tohei of Japan’s Imperial army. Professor’s unique education executes magnificent combat choreography.

General Hsu, Fun Yuen’s secretive assassination maneuvers are strategically, ingeniously, and scientifically executed in a specialized chronological order creating supernatural powers. Assassins were chosen from his Special Forces Soldiers and specifically designated seven animal Systems. Dragon, Tiger, King Cobra, Panther, Eagle, Crane, and Gorilla. Assassins were proficient in all animal style, specialized in one created according to their intellectual skills physique, and devastating force.

Gen. Hsu trained his disciple to withstand excruciating pain in Special Forces Xingyiquan intensified training session that strengthens the body and mind to astonishing levels. Elite transformations of the endocrine system secrete specialized hormones into the bloodstream executing supernatural forces simultaneously rejuvenating energy. Electrically signaling is long-lived lasting indefinitely with specific daily training. Signaling is extremely powerful and faster than nervous system.
http://dragons22ndassassin.com/evolve-dragon-assassin/. http://22nddragonassassin.com/assassination-maneuvers/

Chinese Grand Masters and Renegade Warrior Monks from Chinatown trained the Italian Mafia Armies in Chicago’s Little Italy. Professor at 13 yrs. old was excepted in the private classes and excelling rapidly. At 20 yrs. old the Chinese Grand Masters escorted him to Gen. Hsu to become a disciple who demanded a 20 year dedication that would cost a few million dollars. The Mafia paid in exchange the professor trains the Mafia especially children. This is how a Chicago boy became Dragon 22nd Assassin.. and mastered Devastating Force Deadly http://22nddragonassassin.com/combat-conditioning/

Evolving China’s 21 assassins escalate combat choreography to unbelievable heights. Comprehending this extensive elaborate secretive system takes a lifetime of training. Chinese original systems over 7000 years old created by Taoist and Shaolin Monks, Emperors, Military Generals and Tacticians. Military systems were proven effective on the battlefields as Generals realized combat energy conditioning and mastering several systems to confuse the enemy was vital.

Combat energy conditioning quickly executes electrically signaling from the Retina to the contractile muscles instantly. Communication is executed in secretive routines to transform energy surges to quickly engage in the assault. It is imperative to execute combat energy conditioning that over several hours of training daily increases speed and power to save your life. Assassins executed QI meditative pressurized force breathing excelling energy fields that consistently generates energy. Acupuncture energy field points quickly send energy where it is needed. Energetic transformations create new energies.

Assassins explode into the assaults with devastating power that quickly destroys the defense of the enemy ending the battle. Soldiers are extremely skilled with knives in proximity demanding the Assassin to execute Deadly Force instantly. Assassins have incredible maneuverability from the secretive routines that naturally condition muscles to respond quickly.
Visit dragons22ndassassin.com Hit MOVIES TRAILERS / VIDEOS Top two videos give a good description of the system.

https://www.qigonginstitute.org/category/68/harvard-medical-school-endorses-qigong-and-tai-chi this link goes to
Harvard Medical School that endorsed QI Gong and Taijiquan stating it’s the best kept secret in medical history. http://dragons22ndassassin.com/dragon-qi-gong-taijiquan/ Taijiquan has highest level of health and combat.


Professor spent his entire life with his educators, class begin 6 am at Gen. Hsu’s Academy Military Dragon QI Gong first, then Military Dragon Taijiquan, Military Xingyiquan, Military Tongbeiquan, and finish with Military Shaolin executing deadly devastating force took a tremendous amount punishment and excruciating pain. A special combat room with a 8 foot circle enforced combat in proximity. The walls made of plywood to absorb shock as the disciple will be thrown into that wall hundreds of times make the body resilient to deadly Force. After 4 hrs. go to Chinatown to teach 2 hrs.Secret class.

lunch in Chinatown Gen. Hsu told his disciple assassin stories how to strategically assault on the battlefield on Chicago dangerous streets. Gen. Hsu engaged in hundreds of battles as the secret was unique combat energy conditioning that consistently changed executing difference animal styles and is it was imperative to avoid injuries. Dragon low cross leg assaults have Incredible balance over any terrain, protects the legs from injuries, and rejuvenate’s energetic forces.

Professor would continue his education 20 years under Dr. Hong-Chao Zhang a government educator trained him in the military academic systems of QI Gong, Taijiquan, and Shaolin advancing to the Professor level. He will become a Master of Shaolin Quan-Fa Tiger And King Cobra under Shaolin Warrior Monk James Lee. Professor becomes the disciple for Zen Priest Shihan Fumio Toyoda Aikikiai Hombu Dojo Japan and train with Cmdr. Koichi Tohei Japan’s Imperial Army.

Military QI Gong evolved in the 26th century B.C. at Taotang Shi, Tribal Society by Taoist Monks requested by China’s government to help the population become healthy and defend themselves. Military Taijiquan created by General QI Wei Dynasty in 477 AD, Xingyiquan created by General Yue Fei Song Dynasty 960 to 1279 AD, Tongbeiquan Wei Dynasty, Shaolin Northern Wei Dynasty in 477 AD by Emperor Xiaowen military leader. Shaolin Warrior Monks trained the largestarmies for the Emperor. The Shaolin Temple grew powerful as Emperor Xiaowen a military leader had Shaolin Warrior Monks train his armies in these elaborate systems from Royal Family Clans. Secret is combat energy conditioning.

Chen Dragon Taijiquan maneuvers execute combat tactical assault energy conditioning routines that develops Shen. This generates extreme visual imagery from the retina through sensory and electrically excited neurons to transmit electrically signaling to Shen in the cranial nervous system. Continuing transmitting signals to axon fibers that rush down the central nervous system to the peripheral nervous system as motor neuron set the contractile muscles in motion exploding with Chen energy force. Maneuvers are strategically, scientifically, and ingeniously aligned in a chronological order to generate a powerful electrified surge internally that explodes externally with Ying Yang supernatural intrinsic energy exploding force.

The contractile muscles are sculptured, cut, and conditioned to execute tremendous force withstanding excruciating pain for extraordinary power in the assault. Commands are transmitted tremendous times during traditional military secretive systems and maneuvers through the nervous systems that directly is in contact with the muscles. Meridian pathways allow channels to transmit signaling through the fascia a covering surrounding muscles, and internal organs. Nerves move muscles in response to voluntary and autonomic involuntary signals from the brain. Shen is the powerful control center.

Military Dragon assassination maneuvers are executed in proximity keeping the arms close to the body protecting the internal organs. Dragon quickly twists and turns simultaneously protecting the vital areas executing explosive strikes penetrating through the enemy’s peripheral nervous system preventing the enemy to attack. Chinese military systems utilize the entire body consistently to transform energies directing more force to a specific area simultaneously energizes all areas. Military systems quickly execute Chen exploding force that is an explosion of the transformation of the three secret energies in the microcosmic orbit. Energies increase force tremendously executing devastating deadly force.

Assassins execute a quick explosive strike to the enemies forearm that transmits severe pain instantly in all directions it is quite amazing he devastating force of a quick internal strike. The execution of destroying force is keeping the arms in proximity while exploding Chen the deadliest Force in the world. It is vital to comprehend daily routines allow energy transformations to protect the body during the assault. A forearm executes more dynamic force that enters the meridians and sends pain throughout the body shutting down the biological dynamic life force. Tiger attacks with the forelimbs crushing into the defense, then opens the claws. Tension, anger fatigue the body and mind quickly destroy the liver.

QI energy meditative pressurized exploding force is the deadliest attack of the Assassin. Secretive routines quickly Engage the contractile muscles into the assault developing supernatural forces to explode on contact. The execution of Supreme secretive routines in China’s magnificence systems explode devastating force and immediately rejuvenates.