Evolving Dragon Assassination Maneuvers Executing Devastating Deadly Force is the supreme level demanding superior intellectual skills and dedication. It is imperative to comprehend deadly force is Assassin level enforced for the battlefield. This tremendous force evolves in China’s secretive Assassination Systems of QI Gong, Taijiquan, and Shaolin. Emperors, Generals, Tactician’s, and Shaolin Warrior Monks created combat energy conditioning skills on the battlefield for 7000 yrs.

Assassin combat energy conditioning maneuvers sculpture mussels to respond quickly engaging in the assaults. Shen conscious and unconscious Mind is the control center for all operating systems simultaneously that transform energies consistently nourishing the entire dynamic life force system. Each intricate maneuver develops supernatural powers and deadly exploding force. Tiger style excels extreme strength as animal instinct and behavior execute supernatural powerful force. The endocrine system develops hormones secreted into the bloodstream that enforce energy transformations.

General Hsu, trains his disciple to survive on the battlefield executing Chen, the fourth secret energy that attacks the mind exploding the heart. Techniques are useless as they engage the mind for simplicity distracting it from reality. Assassins kill in seconds moving through the battlefield in unison executing an eight directional circular assault protecting each other. Tension, anger, punching, kicking etc. fatigue the mind and muscles quickly. Assassin Strikes rejuvenates energy instantly preventing fatigue as powerful legs are structured to continuously pump fresh energy to kill quickly.

QI meditative pressurized force deep breathing transforms energies through the 20 Meridian pathways including eight superficial channels. Breathing quickly initiates the signaling forcing oxygen enriched blood to designated areas that demands exploding force. It’s amazing how efficient China is evolving the assassins to engage in the assaults instantly as the transformation circulations of energy engaged the belt channels at Meridian pathways that builds tremendous speed and devastating accuracy. Fascia conceals the meridian channels generating powerful energetic transformations.

Assassin execution maneuvers designate structural movement on the battlefield saving their life. Electrically signaling from the mind to the contractile muscles is indefinitely at tremendous speeds initiated by the maneuvers executes several actions instantly. The retina senses danger, several acupuncture energy fields are activated during the surge of explosive force. The retina signals the mind the danger is attacking, the mind immediately signals the endocrine system that is already on high alert engages the contractile muscles to explode into the assault executing animal instinct and behavior.

The assassin instantly becomes the Ferocious Tiger, feels the explosive energy transforming as the mind and body are changing rapidly. Assassination maneuvers have prepared the assassins for the assault in seconds. Assassin starts mimicking the Ferocious Tiger feeling the powerful exploding force as energies keep circulating preventing fatigue. As the battle continues assassins have become stronger, the three secret energies are transforming rapidly in the microcosmic orbit of energy, the endocrine system is igniting the central nervous system as the control center remains extremely calm.

Assassination maneuver send powerful burst of energy from acupuncture energy field points to protect and destroy incoming blows. The peripheral nervous system spirals Yin Yang intrinsic energy forces on the outer layer and inner layer of the skin to maintain the body temperature and control the force of energy to the internal organs. One inch of skin has 20 blood vessels, 620 sweat glands, 1000 nerve endings, and 88,000 cells. The skin needs to be tight to resist deadly force as the assassin disrupts dangers. The assassin executes Yin Yang intrinsic energy to prevent injuries during the assault.

QI Gong deep meditative pressurized force breathing internally opens the arteries allowing more oxygen enriched blood to circulate strengthening the internal organs to function at maximum force with minimum energy loss. Amazingly assassin secret routines are structured that each intricate movements scientifically, strategically, ingeniously strengthen the entire mind and body in each maneuver. Assassins execute maneuvers extremely low in Tiger positions for maximum force.

The world has never witnessed assassin execution Dragon Taijiquan or Shaolin maneuvers as they are the greatest gifts to mankind. Feel miraculously on a heightened level of alertness consistently as intrinsic energies execute magnificent surges of Energetic forces. Shaolin Warrior Monks Live in a spiritual World without distractions as they evolved the secrets of the universe. The imagination allows them to see and feel the powerful energies transforming providing a brilliant appearance. Shen control center deeply executes acupuncture energy fields to pulsate the dynamic Life force energy system igniting spiritual forces to take mankind beyond his wildest dreams. Live your life to the fullest enjoy Love conquers all evil.


Hard style martial arts that uses excessive muscular tension causes fatigue that allows muscle fibers to stiffen. This greatly reduces nourishment to insufficient levels by stagnating the circulation of blood and lymph. When the hand clenches a fist, circulation stops in the hand as pressure is returning to the heart in the circulatory system and through the laogong acupuncture energy field point channel that directly connects to the heart. This places a tremendous stress on the heart that has caused severe heart attacks. Tension causes contraction of the heart that if struck can be fatal.

Punches places negative pressure on the shoulder, elbow, wrist and finger joints that can damage range of motion, tendons, ligaments, fascia, nerves head, neck, and vertebrae. Tension forces anger that depletes energy quickly. FBI statistics for law-enforcement officers is 80% of time a punch or kick is used in the fight to arrest the felons breakage is to themselves instead of the criminal. Police today are using an aggressive basic system forcing them to shoot first.

Military Chen Dragon Taijiquan long traditional assassination maneuver routine daily training is over two consistent hours executing total body and mind concentration. Each intricate small movement executes astronomical amounts of energy transformations as Shen the control center directs energetic forces to specific areas. These ingenious routines energize every movement as the body and mind engage in a meditative transformation of maneuvers in a chronological order evolving supernatural forces. Mind executes tremendous amounts of energy as assassins place enormous amounts of pressure physically and mentally forcing the muscular structure to increase muscle mass and bone marrow.

Maneuvers are held in these static positions increasing pressurized force breathing, strengthening Communication through electrically signaling pathways. Chen Taijiquan executes 128 individual maneuvers in a one hour traditional routine. The transition moves extraordinary slow executing deep meditative QI pressurized energy force. This sends rich oxygenated blood to nourish the muscular and skeleton system for explosive development. Bone physiology is the process of placing enormous amounts of pressure on the bones generating dense enriched marrow simultaneously increasing muscle cell mass. Shen visualizes energy transformations creating devastating deadly force in routines.

Jing creates essence in the kidneys that develops marrow, supplies white and red blood cells to nourish the dynamic biological life force system. China never separates health, combat energy conditioning, and intellectual skills that are vital for executing devastating force. Shen conditions the mind to execute the 13 organ systems making sure they are nourished and energizing the 22 organs. Shen activates intellectual skills keeping an assassin at a heightened alert level to engage in the assault instantly. QI Gong the energy foundation for Chinese assassin systems demands a higher level of meditation as it is strictly designed to transform energetic forces that place a protective shield around the entire body.

Acknowledgment of developing supernatural forces and powerful executions of Chen exploding force has become more believable. Professor discovered these exceptional meditative secret routines 52 years ago training with the disciple of the Renegade Shaolin Monk who trained him how to transform energies. Gen. Hsu for 20 years privately trained his disciple in the deadliest system in the world proven effective thousands of years on the battlefield. Fortunately this secretive system was ever revealed as Professor has not committed to teaching this system he’s proving it existence.

Professor at 62 in the pictures without synthetic steroids as the secretive routines naturally produce several different steroids. Dragon Taijiquan assassin maneuvers are executed in magnificent powerful low punishing routines generating excruciating pain as the body and mind can withstand the most powerful blows as they continue the assault. Xingyiquan Ferocious Tiger the fifth military secretive system holds low positions one to two minutes then quickly explodes to the opposite side. It is taking Professor several years to master the systems as the level keeps increasing in daily routines.

Assassination Maneuvers train the assassin to move instinctively executing combat tactical assault devastating explosive QI meditative pressurized strikes to kill instantly. Assassins can execute combat tactical assault with several different animal styles as Dragon, Tiger, Cobra, Panther, Crane, Eagle, and Gorilla that confuses the enemy. Each small intricate movement strategically maneuvers the body to execute maximum force in proximity with minimum energy in a scientific pattern that reduces energy loss. China’s military systems are comprehensively elaborated over thousands of years with proven results as assassins train hours daily in several different assassination maneuvers. Professor is providing the world with the secrets of the universe to live a quality lifestyle allowing you to living your dreams not your worst nightmare