International Authentic Credentials Received by Professor Joseph Dodaro 52 yrs of Dedicated Private Training From China’s 3-Star General Hsu, Fun Yuen 20 yrs. / China’s Dr. Hong-Chao Zhang of Wushu 20 yrs / Shaolin Warrior Monk James Lee 27 yrs./ Japan’s Imperial Army Commander Koichi Tohei 27 yrs / Zen Priest Shihan Fumio Toyoda. Professor Dodaro dedicated his entire life to become the greatest educator in military combat energy conditioning systems and academic systems. Practitioners are fortunate to train in his extensive elaborate methodology allowing them to discover secrets of the universe. Educating students with comprehensive knowledge that is light-years beyond conventional Systems. Professor specializes in China highest level of Special Forces secretive assassination maneuvers. Discover how Joseph Dodaro becomes Dragon 22nd Assassin Professor Tang Chen Wu under General Hsu. Fun Yuen.

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Specialized Secretive Combat Energy Conditioning Strategic Maneuvers Explode with Ingenious Choreography never witnessed that is exclusively Created for each system. Assassination execution maneuvers are horrifying to witness as you will never witness anything like it. China’s Imperial Warrior Assassins execute explosive devastating force as the combat energy conditioning routines strategically, ingeniously, and scientifically will mesmerize the audience.

General Hsu, Fun Yuen, China’s Military Evolved 21 Special Forces Imperial Warrior Assassins to execute professional guerrilla warfare to end The Second Sino-Japanese War 1937 to 1945. General Hsu advances his disciple Joseph Dodaro 1977-1997 Master of Military Taijiquan / Master of Military QI Gong / Master of Military Shaolin June 30,1991 / The Disciple’s Greatest Endeavor was becoming Tang Chen Wu 22ND Assassin June 30, 1991. The Disciple protected this secret system for 42 years. General Hsu created a special section that his disciple can reveal to Special Forces and the film industry. The disciple was given permission by General Hsu and Shaolin Warrior Monk James Lee to release Shaolin Quan-Fa Tiger and King Cobra the prelude to the assassination execution maneuvers. The system was created by Shaolin Warrior Monks Royal Guards that protects the Abbot in close quarter combat in the temple.

China’s Dr. Hong-Chao Zhang of Wushu / Government Educator / 1996-2016 Academic Ranking from China’s Government’s QI Gong Research Associations at Wuhan and Shanghai Institute of Physical Education in China. Dr. Zhang advances his disciple Master Joseph Dodaro after 20 years of private lessons to the highest academic and military systems. Professor of QI Gong March 5, 2015 / Professor of Taijiquan October 8, 2014 / Professor of Shaolin February 18, 2015. Professor Dodaro is one of the highest ranking Professors in the world and the only non-Chinese to receive three levels of Professor. He has accomplished an extraordinary comprehensive methodology that was achieved in 40 years of private lessons under General Hsu and Dr. Zhang. Professor achieved his highest endeavor and the only one in the world to become Dragon 22nd Assassin mastering the deadly systems of Assassination execution maneuvers that structures the mind and body to develop supernatural powers. Secretive routines are executed to develop exploding devastating lethal force.

Shaolin Renegade Warrior Monk James Lee 1974-2012 advances his disciple Master Joseph Dodaro in the secretive system of Shaolin Warrior Monk Quan-Fa Tiger and King Cobra Jan. 1,1995 Secretive Chinese and Japanese Family Clan. James Lee entered the Shaolin Temple at age 5 escorted by his Chinese and Japanese grandfathers that was the head of secretive Family Clans. He was escorted out of the Shaolin Temple at age 30 to control two Family Clans. Warrior Monk Lee’s disciple trained Master Dodaro close to 40 years demanding he receive his Sensei teaching level in Aiki-Jujutsu / Aikido and Master in China’s military systems to become a Master of Shaolin Quan-Fa Tiger and King Cobra. Is the only Master outside the world families to receive this honorable level.

Cmdr. Koichi Tohei of Japan’s Imperial Army, Grandmaster 10th degree in charge of Aikikiai Hombu Dojo Japan advances Sensei Dodaro to Yondan May 18, 1998. After 27 years of dedicated training under Zen Priest Shihan Fumio Toyoda 1974-2001. Shoden advanced level of KI Development August 25, 1986 / KI Aikido / Military Aiki-Jujutsu July 24,1987 / Associate Lecturer September 16,1995 / Sensei Joseph Dodaro is authentically internationally register at Aikikiai Hombu Dojo Japan. Shihan Toyoda trained Sensei Dodaro over 30 hours of classes weekly and seven hours of private lessons. Commander Tohei trained Sensei Dodaro in the beginning it was bimonthly seminars, then quarterly first seminar’s Sensei it would train with Grandmaster Tohei in private groups.


Professor Joseph Dodaro of Military QI Gong, Qi Gong Taijiquan, and Shaolin Kung-Fu trained by General Hsu, Fun Yuen of China’s 21 Imperial warrior invincible assassins and 21 Death Squad assassins. Chi Kung Tai Chi Chuan originated from Taoism, Buddhism, by Warrior Monks. Qigong or Chi Kung and Chi-Gong use meditation, pressurized force breathing, meridians, microcosmic orbit energy, Qi QI Chi Energy execute Shen, Qi, Jing acupuncture Energy fields igniting the Ren and Du superficial channels. Yin and Yang intrinsic energy spiral just beneath skin and just over the skin protecting the practitioner on the battlefield. Dantians acupuncture and acupressure energy points located in the Yintang Ski Eye creates supernatural powers promoting immortality, spiritual energies, alternative medicine, Chinese medicine. Combat choreography, actors, stuntman, film directors, producers, and scriptwriters execute special effects in movies. Tongbeiquan gorilla, orangutan, Xingyiquan ferocious tiger, and Baguazhang Bagua internal forms.

Shaolin Quan-Fa Tiger and King Cobra is available on DVD. Master Tang Chen Wu was promoted to grandmaster. Shaolin animal styles Tiger engages in the assault quickly, Panther secretive killer, King Cobra executes constrictions, Crane, kicks and kicking, Eagle claw Qinna Chi Gong healing. Dragon, Fire Dragon spiritual miraculous Energy from Taoist and Shaolin Monks famous for push hands and cultivating Chi. Deadly Dragon Claw executed by the transformations of three secrets of energy fields exploding Chen devastating force. Chen Taijiquan, Yang, Sun, Wu, Zhaobao, Zhao Bas Taiji, competition routines, executed in The transformations of energetic forces. Cobra Single and double-daggers, firearms, guns, weapon defense. 8 trigram Palm.

Sensei of Military Aiki-Jujutsu / Aikido Jujutsu the art of the Samurai executing close quarter combat on the battlefields. Shihan Zen Priest Fumio Toyoda and Commander Koichi Tohei created Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido Kiatsu acupressure for women. Dr. Hong-Chao Zhang of WuShu, Wushu Government educator , monkey style founding member Qi Gong research Wuhan and Shanghai institutes of physical education. Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Gordon Liu

Health system transforming with the greatest combat system. Military QI Gong evolved in Wudang Mountains. the 26th century B.C. at Taotang Shi, Tribal Society by Taoist Monks requested by China help become healthy and defend themselves. Military Taijiquan created by Zhang Sen Feng a Taoist Monk, then General QI Wei Dynasty in 477 AD, became famous Taijiquan on the battlefield. Xingyiquan created by General Yue Fei Song Dynasty 960 to 1279 AD,
Tongbeiquan Wei Dynasty, Shaolin Northern Wei Dynasty in 477 AD by Emperor Xiaowen military leader ordered the Shaolin Warrior Monks to created the largest powerful armies. China consistently researches combat energy conditioning systems. Enter the Dragon nunchucks, Lee Jun-Fan Tao of Jet Kune Do.

Belt channels, 20 Meridian channels, Cranial, Central, Peripheral nervous system execute the endocrine system secretes hormones into the bloodstream evolving animal behavior and instincts. Defensive tactics instructor for law-enforcement officers, design for Department of Defense and department of justice, CIA, FBI, Marshals, Sheriffs, Marines, Army, Navy Intelligence, Navy SEALs, DEA created to protect United States. Military QI Gong System Military Taijiquan System endorsed by Harvard Medical School and research centers amount of disease cure and prevent is astronomical. Martial arts Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Kenpo, Kempo, tae kwon do, MMA UFC are located in Woodland Hills. Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Calabasas, Topanga, Los Angeles, Chicago, Hollywood, West Hollywood, California Best place to film movies. Kata, Capoeira, special forces, combat in proximity, Wushu, Kung Fu Eagle Claw Style, popular systems. Pressure points strikes, Chin Na, Praying Mantis, five animals, Snake, Wing Chun, Xing Yi Quan, Southern dragon style kung fu hard style.

Dragon 22nd assassin no punching, kicking, ground fighting, choking, wrestling, no Krav Maga training, no grappling, Self Defense, Yoga, Fitness ninjas and samurai’s never use these. Female fighters enjoy fighting in boxing, Kung Fu, Gong Fu and with weapons, swords, broadswords, staff, throwing stars, Kwan Dao, Spear, double swords, double broadswords, Tiger Hook swords, sticks are weapons they execute. Mixed Martial Arts. Muay Thai, Hapkido, Brazilian jujitsu, kick boxing, are some of the many martial arts. Japanese martial arts throwing, joint locking, striking, takedowns, pinning techniques, weapon training, Rolling, tumbling, Falls, ground fighting, and constrictions. Boxing and wrestling Sports Great entertainments. Hung Ga, Northern Shaolin Fujian White Crane,
Shaolin Five Animals, internal systems. Sifu, Sensei, Master, grandmaster, professor, dr. Founder Morihei Ueshiba O’Sensei authentically internationally founded Aikikiai Hombu Dojo Japan. Green tea, ginseng, dragon fighting Fan, Iron Shirt Qi Gong, private lessons, and China’s imperial warrior. These are Japanese martial arts include Dojo, Academy, RanDori, multiple attackers, Budo, Tanto, Yari Samurai, Shogun, Jo, Break Fall, and spiritual

Shaolin Tong Bi Quan Ape style boxing Wuxing Tongbeiquan, Tongbiquan, training at Shaolin Monastery, Five Elements, Five Monkey Tongbeiquan Qi Style are the Northern Shaolin styles. Spreading Power from the Back, free sparring Baiyuan and Pigua styles famous in Shaolin Temple. Xingyiquan, Xing Yi Quan Hsiing I Chuan Kung Fu, Five Elements and Linking Form Tiger style are learned together with Baguazhang Shen Wu are old traditional systems along with 12 Animal Boxing all are internal styles. Famous in Southern Dynasty and Northern Shaolin Monastery Five Fists, Gong Fu and Kungfu are similar styles.

External Styles in the Ming Dynasty and the famous Tang Dynasty influence by the Monk Bodhidharma call Damo creating Buddhism famous for Chinese Boxing. The 18 Methods of Luohan, Bajiquan, Buguaquan, and Xingyiquan Shaolin systems developed supernatural powers. Wutai monks practice Yang Family Spear practiced Eight Section Brocade, Muscle Changing Scripture, Northern Longfist Plum Blossom Style are famous forms. Drunken Style created by Emperor influence Shorinji Kempo Japanese-style. Traditional Chinese Military Arts enforce bye The Art Of War by Sun Tzu’s influence Chinese Military Culture in creative traditional Chinese Martial Arts