Assassins Unique Deadly Maneuvers

General Hsu, Fun Yuen evolved 21 special forces soldiers to become assassins

Dragon 22nd Assassin has been kept secret for 45 years in Chicago and now it’s being released in California to the film industry. Evolved by China’s greatest strategic three star Gen. Hsu, Fun Yuen and pass down to his disciple Joseph Dodaro after 20 years. The system is structured around five authentic traditional military systems.

Military QI Gong 7,000 years old Evolved by Taoist Monks. Military Taijiquan created by General QI Wei Dynasty in 477 AD, Xingyiquan created by General Yue Fei Song Dynasty 960 to 1279 AD, Tongbeiquan Wei Dynasty, Shaolin Northern Wei Dynasty in 477 AD by Emperor Xiaowen Military leader. These systems were proven on the battlefields through several dynasties. Created by Taoist and Shaolin Monks, Emperors, Military Generals and Tacticians.

Professor Dodaro will execute the assassination combat energy conditioning maneuvers that will shock the world in his two films that he is looking to have produced. Professor evolves the greatest combat choreography from these magnificent systems in addition the Japanese arts of Aiki-Jujutsu and Aikido. Sensei Joseph Dodaro is authentically internationally register at Aikikiai Hombu Dojo Japan. Professor can execute choreography or train actors for films.

The assassin execution choreography has never been witnessed as it is unique eliminating all fighting styles in conventional martial arts. No punches, kicks, blocks, techniques, chokes, ground fighting, anger or tension etc. Assassins execute devastating force in proximity with a variety of animal styles that are ingenious. Tiger combat energy conditioning executes powerful combat resembling the ferocious Tiger that trains actors professionally to maneuver.

Animal styles as Dragon, Tiger, King Cobra, Panther, Crane, Eagle, Gorilla distinctively add excitement choreography and the physique of the actors can need match to an animal allowing the actor to move instinctively. Females are excellent at Panthers, Cobras, Eagle and Crane executing the combat for that style that is outstanding.

Animal systems combat energy conditioning sculptures the muscles to execute devastating force releasing the endocrine system that has powerful electrically signaling from the mind to the contractile muscles executing explosive speed and force. The endocrine system secretes a specialized hormone into the bloodstream that executes animal instinct and behavior. These systems keep assassins on a heightened level of alertness continually and prolong their longevity.

Military QI Gong, Taijiquan, and Shaolin are the greatest secrets and medical history as the amount of disease they can cure or prevent is astronomical. Harvard Medical School and research centers throughout the world have endorsed these systems. Professor enjoys teaching seminars structured for health and combat simultaneously as his methodology is extraordinary. In Chicago he trained law-enforcement agencies, high-level security agents for 30 years, he trained worldwide organizations, and owned his 8,000 square-foot academy with over 250 students per month.

Professor is an academic level that can only be given by Dr. Hong-Chao Zhang of Wushu at Shanghai and Wuhan Institutes of Physical Education. Dr. Zhang is also a famous government educator in China.

Professor Dodaro top priority to have his two movies produced where he does the combat choreography and becomes an actor in the movie. First movie on his upbringing in Chicago as he grew up in the shadows of Al Capone’s armies and achieved his greatest endeavor to become Dragon 22nd Assassin. Advancing to three levels of Professor in China’s traditional military systems and his educators are outstanding.

Second movie General Hsu, Fun Yuen evolves 21 assassins and sabotaged enemy camps preventing them from attacking China’s major cities. The 21 assassins had no supplies had to steal everything from the enemy camps. General Hsu has killed thousands of the enemy and responsible for ending the Sino-Japanese war.

Execute combat choreography in his movie and other movies. Train actors to execute combat choreography and stuntman to take the falls. Stunt double and do parts in films. Teach seminars, exclusively train a special individual or small group.

Train wealthy clients in their home or office that is within a reasonable distance. Large organizations can save on health costs with a morning or afternoon group lesson. Executing a relaxed energetic system during the work hours creates better world production and happy employees.

Specialized Combat Energy Choreography Created for each system.

Professor of QI Gong 7000 yrs. old evolved by Taoist Monks / foundation for all Chinese military systems / Combat, Health, Energetic conditioning system. Endorsed by Harvard Medical School as the best kept medical secret in history As the amount of diseases can cure or prevent is astronomical. / Prof. Dodaro recognized in China as Doctor internal medicine / acupressure massage therapy / develop intellectual skills / used in modern psychiatry to alleviate stress, depression, anxiety etc. / Jan. 1967 – present

Professor of Taijiquan created by General QI Wei Dynasty in 477 AD extraordinary Combat / Health system proven effective on China’s battlefields over 2000 yrs. Specialized energy conditioning routine that is strategically, scientifically, and ingeniously in a chronological order to transform energies maintaining a young healthy vibrant appearance and incredible combat. Jan.1967 – present.

Professor of Shaolin Northern Wei Dynasty in 477 AD by Emperor Xiaowen military leader, largest military system in China created by Shaolin Warrior Monks proven effective on the battlefield 2000 yrs. Excellent for children to learn animal systems. 1974-present.

Dragon 22nd Assassin / China’s Secretive Special Forces Imperial Warrior Invincible Assassin being released to the Department of Defense and the film industry. General Hsu, Fun Yuen evolved 21 assassins to engage in professional guerrilla warfare to end the Sino- Japanese War. Prof. Dodaro trains actors and stuntman explosive assassin combat never witnessed that would shock the world. 1977 – present.

Sensei of Military Aiki-Jujutsu / Aikido Jujutsu created in the 15th century the art of the Samurai executing close quarter combat on the battlefields. Sensei Dodaro mastered Military Aiki-Jujutsu privately and in classrooms with Shihan Toyoda 1974-2001

Prof. Joseph Dodaro trained Chicago Police and Cook County Sheriff’s 40 yrs, He was a Kane County auxiliary deputy sheriff 1997-2002. Defensive tactical educator for the state of Illinois (N.E.M.R.T.) 2002-2007 created a state approved combat system C.P.R.S. Created IDS Internal Defense System an antiterrorist system after 911 for the Aviation Industry.

Master of Shaolin Warrior Monk Quan-Fa Tiger and Cobra A deadly secretive system Created for Warrior Monks to protect the Abbot and high-level military officers to protect the General on the battlefield. Shaolin Warrior Monk James Lee was amazed at the extraordinary skills of his disciple gave permission to the warrior guard to train him. 1974 to 2010