Assassin Combat Choreography

Combat Choreography is authentic military level combat just executed in a more controllable manner. Amazing China’s special forces and assassination system have no punching, blocking, kicking, techniques, ground fighting, choking, and never exerts with anger or tension.

Combat choreography was created for the Battlefield because specialized conditioning prevents fatigue, anger, and actually rejuvenates energy simultaneously. This entire system is traditional China’s special forces that was created by military generals, emperors, Taoist monks, Shaolin warrior monks, and military tacticians. Each maneuver is strategically, scientifically, and ingeniously in a specialized chronological order that transforms energetic forces evolving supernatural powers. It took 45 years of diligence dedicated training to complete three of the five major systems.

Each of the animal styles moves independently different, as each assassin maybe best at a specific style depending upon his physique. Larger assassins are more suitable for Tiger as Panthers is best for a smaller assassins. Large weapons as Kwan Dao are extremely heavy demanding assassins with strength. The systems were created on the battlefield with traditional weapons, therefore conditioning Is vital.

Tigers exist therefore easier to understand Dragon. Actors interested in learning combat for film are chosen by size, strength, flexibility, and execution of the maneuvers in low powerful routines that trains them in the highest level of combat that simultaneously develops the highest level of health. The realization of transformations of energies, execution of the endocrine system it brings mankind closer to animal through its instinct and behavior. Tiger is famous for enormous amounts of strength and the explosive entrance that has the ability to change into the King Cobra to apply constrictions and devastating takedowns.

Female assassins are incredible with Cobra and Panther styles that use more low twisting legs like in Dragon that’s very beautiful and deadly. Dragon can change into each of the animals making it difficult for the enemy to prepare. Conventional martial arts usually favorite certain style and becomes predictable and easy to defeat. Pressurized force it Is extraordinary as assassins can execute deadly devastating Force in proximity and extremely difficult to see the assaults.

Shaolin animal choreography allows you to witness the execution of his specialize combat that is consistent even after the enemy is dead. We have added special facts that makes combat choreography unbelievable and fighting too many attackers simultaneously allows a lower skill level. Great combat choreography is exciting when the actors are actual well skilled martial artist and that draws a lot of attention and a good box office. Rocky was inspiring, the music created energy an a realistic movie. Bruce Lee was magnificent as you felt his energy and listen to every word he said.

Professor has trained over 250 students monthly in his academy and taught law-enforcement officers for the state of Illinois when he was an auxiliary sheriff giving him tremendous education working with different professional individuals. His three authentic international academic levels of professor give Extreme recognition. Sensei Dodaro spent 27 years in Aiki-Jujutsu / KI Aikido as he is register at Aikikiai Hombu Dojo Japan. He was well-known for his multiple attacks, execution of Chinese and Japanese weapons, and his private training in Aiki-Jujutsu from Zen Priest.

Combat choreography is executed by actors the entire time transformations of energies keep actors energized for 24 hours rejuvenated going through the routines. When we watch movies a great deal of time spent sitting and talking as the actors can make beautiful movements with their arms as Italians talking. The execution of firearms, single and double daggers executed with precise accuracy. Assassins use weapons at the most professional level that will change years of tradition as we are thousand of years behind the Chinese.

The discovery of these transformations of secret energies begin revealing secrets of the universe as starting to alleviate psychoactive substance abuse and psychological dependencies. Follow your intuition become an individual, believe that you can create supernatural forces as education never ends as you strengthen Shen the world becomes yours.