Assassin Combat Energy Conditioning


Professor Joseph Dodaro / Tang Chen Wu Dragon 22nd Assassin under General Hsu, Fun Yuen 1977-1997 / Master of China’s Military Arts June 30,1991 General Hsu evolved 21 Special Forces Assassins and 21 Dead Squad Assassin’s to end the Sino Japanese War, 25 million civilians died and 5 million soldiers. Assassination maneuvers are secretive routines that are strategically, scientifically, and ingeniously executed in a chronological order creating supernatural powers and devastating explosive forces. Assassins transform energetic forces developing the highest level of combat simultaneously highest level of health.

Joseph Dodaro / Tang Chen Wu evolved to become Dragon 22nd Assassin. He trained privately with Gen. Hsu 20 years 20 hours weekly mastering the secretive Assassination maneuvers magnificent deadly system. He is releasing a specialized routine for the film industry. Martial arts techniques, punching, kicking, that fatigue mentally, physically, quickly and are useless on the battlefield. Assassination combat energy conditioning routines send electrically signaling from the mind to the contractile muscles instantly engaging in the deadliest assault. Muscles are sculptured to maneuver with tremendous force and speed of the Tiger.

Professor of QI Gong / Joseph Dodaro Continued the assassination system with Dr. Hong-Chao Zhang additional 20 yrs. evolving to Professor of China’s Military and Academic systems of QI Gong March 5 2015 created by Taoist Monks 7000 yrs. old / foundation for all Chinese military systems / Combat, Health, Energetic Conditioning System. Endorsed by Harvard Medical School as the best kept medical secret in history as the amount of diseases it can cure or prevent is astronomical. QI Gong conditions the intellectual skills that condition the body to respond instantly keeping at a heightened level of alertness.

Professor of Taijiquan October 8th 2014 Dr. Hong-Chao Zhang is a government educator and one of the five founding members from Wuhan and Shanghai institutes of physical education. Created by Taoist Monk Zhang San Feng. General QI Wei Dynasty in 477 AD made Taijiquan famous on the battlefield. Shaolin
Warrior Monks trained soldiers in these traditionally three secretive routines that excel each system to execute explosive devastating force in proximity.

Professor of Shaolin Evolved Northern Wei Dynasty in 477 AD by Emperor Xiaowen military leader who created the largest armies trained by Shaolin Warrior Monks. Devastating powerful imperial warrior assassins strategically conquered the enemy on the battlefield over 2000 yrs. Assassins executed large blade weapons continuously without mental or physical fatigue. Assassins were highly skilled in extreme combat energy conditioning that was proven successful.

Master of Shaolin Quan-Fa Tiger and King Cobra / Shaolin Warrior Monk James Lee 1974-2012 executing devastating deadly Tiger Claw has passed down this secretive system to Master Dodaro to keep it alive. Tiger is an aggressive powerful secretive routine that develops tremendous powerful force executing the endocrine system secreting specialized hormones into the bloodstream changing man to animal developing animal instinct and behavior. Shaolin Quan-Fa only executed by the inner guards to protect the Abbot Monk. Designed to kill instantly with a quick dragon claw strike that shuts down the Life force systems.

Sensei of Military Aiki-Jujutsu / Aikido Jujutsu was created in the 15th century, the art of the Samurai executing close quarter combat on the battlefields.The Samurai sword couldn’t penetrate the heavy armors, the skill level came from daggers and open hand attacks to the throat. Yari Samurais executed long spears with armor piercing blades designed to kill the enemy on horseback or mounted Samurai’s to kill the foot soldiers. Sensei Dodaro mastered Military AikiJujutsu privately and in classrooms with Shihan Toyoda 1974-2001 and at bi monthly seminars with Cmdr. Koichi Tohei of the Imperial Army of Japan.

Professor Joseph Dodaro’s comprehensive extensive elaborate methodology can design a specific system for your special needs from China’s traditional Authentic Military Systems or Japanese Military Systems. It is vital to understand these are secretive traditional systems that you won’t see in conventional martial arts or military arts. China’s General Hsu has created specialized routines out of traditional systems for civilians that allows Prof. Dodaro to train them in outstanding systems. The assassination execution maneuvers and the elite Shaolin Tiger & King Cobra systems are not available for civilians. General Hsu’s and Shaolin Warrior Monk have given Professor the authority to teach Shaolin Tiger & King Cobra to professional agencies and serious practitioners.


Shaolin Quan-Fa Tiger and King Cobra is available on DVD in the online store under pressurized exploding devastating Force 3 hours 35 minute video Chicago PD female officers Excel tremendously on dangerous streets. Shaolin Warrior Monk’s disciple trained Professor Dodaro over 38 years as they were best friends. They trained 20 years in Gen. Hsu’s Chicago Academy under his guidance. This is an excellent system for females as they quickly executed a Tiger devastating internal strike that destroys the peripheral nervous system. Quickly changes from Tiger to King Cobra executing deadly constrictions to the throat for the kill. Tiger assassin entrance Cobra assassin kills.

Professor Joseph Dodaro is working on his two movies titled Dragon 22nd Assassin. He has special days available for training in person or Skype and if you have good experience there is a possibility you would become one of China’s 21 special forces men and women assassin’s accompanying him in his combat choreography. Professor is releasing the elite level of Shaolin Quan-Fa Tiger and King Cobra which is the prelude to the devastating assassination maneuvers. The combat choreography includes Chinese and Japanese long and short weapon routines. Devastating Dragon Claw internal strikes and multiple attackers.

China’s military systems began to Evolve 7000 years ago by Taoist monks that created the most extraordinary health system transforming with the greatest combat system. Military QI Gong evolved in the 26th century B.C. at Taotang Shi, Tribal Society by Taoist Monks requested by China’s government to help the population become healthy and defend themselves. Military Taijiquan created by Zhang Sen Feng a Taoist Monk, then General QI Wei Dynasty in 477 AD, became famous for using Taijiquan on the battlefield. Xingyiquan created by General Yue Fei Song Dynasty 960 to 1279 AD, Tongbeiquan Wei Dynasty, Shaolin Northern Wei Dynasty in 477 AD by Emperor Xiaowen military leader ordered the Shaolin Warrior Monks to created the largest and most powerful armies. China’s government consistently researches the combat energy conditioning systems to provide citizens with an extraordinary healthy lifestyle.

China’s military systems are strategically, ingeniously, and scientifically placed in a chronological order to create the most powerful forces and enhanced health. Each maneuver is designed to execute devastating powerful force in motion simultaneously thrust transformations of secretive energies that opens up meridian channels, the circulatory system, nervous system, and peripheral nervous system these are just a few transformations that are vital to development. China’s greatest combat begins with the Retina acknowledging danger to the cranial nervous system that quickly travels down the central nervous system entering the peripheral nervous system that engages the contractile muscles instantly into the assault. This communication is executed during each second in the secretive routines that keeps the assassin on a heightened level of alertness consistently by rejuvenating secret forms at the ultimate devastating force.

China’s Systems allow practitioners to live pain free with no prescription drugs, enjoying their elderly years. Professor Dodaro is at the most powerful level at 65 years old and getting even stronger. The secret is China’s Systems that strengthen the internal organs and organ systems to function at maximum force with minimum energy. In each secretive routine internal and external developments simultaneously are vital. The secretive routines executes so many transformations simultaneously that’s amazing to have magnificent Life force energy. Meridian channels transform energies to strengthen the intellectual skills and Shen the Conscious and unconscious mind execute the control center to move energetic forces nourishing the entire dynamic life force system. This energy feeling is used for everything from making exceptional love, preventing arthritis, never let’s depression start, and keeps you young enjoying life.

China’s systems are with you always training one hour daily. You will feel alive, happy, Young, pain free, drug free, no depression, no anxiety, Love yourself. Together be an assassin have the best combat system designed specifically for your physique, mind, and ability. Punching, kicking, and techniques is sport not real. Combat energy conditioning trains you to be an assassin, to quickly engaging into the assaults move naturally as it is vital you know how to kill.

Professor Dodaro is one of the highest educators in the world with authentic international credentials from General Hsu, Fun Yuen, China’s 21 assassins Dr. Hong-Chao Zhang Government educator and QI Gong Founder / Shaolin Warrior Monk James Lee Shaolin Quan-Fa Tiger and Cobra / Cmdr. Koichi Tohei Japan’s Imperial Army Aiki-Jujutsu and Aikido / Fumio Toyoda Zen Priest. Professor has International authentic international certificates from these teachers.


Professor’s extensive elaborate methodology has trained over 250 students monthly for 30 years. Prof. Dodaro trained several law-enforcement officers when he was a defensive tactics educator for the state of Illinois, A Kane County Sheriff auxiliary, specialty training female officers on Chicago’s dangerous streets. Professor grew up on Chicago streets in Little Italy downtown. Spent over 10 hours every day training with his educators. Professor had several street fights as he traveled through gang territories to his classes. Street fighters are extremely dangerous as they strategically attack. They carry several weapons from pepper spray to knives and guns. Professor was given permission to teach after 20 years of dedicated training under his guidance.

China’s 7000-year-old Military QI Gong System and 2000-year-old Military Taijiquan System have been endorsed by Harvard Medical School and research centers throughout the world stating they are the best kept secrets in medical history the amount of disease they can cure and prevent is astronomical.

Fighting somebody is easy but when your attackers are stress, depression, and anxiety a reaction to stress attacking the mind and body the symptoms are rapid heartbeat, aches and pains, muscle tension, that lead to psychoactive substance abuse and Psychological dependencies. This terrifying disease can also affect the children causing overweight and obesity. Authentic anxiety disorder can lead to suicide. There is a cure that has worked for thousands of years developed by Shaolin and Taoist Monks that in exchange offering quality healthy lifestyle.

Military QI Gong and Taijiquan has been proven over 7000 years by research centers throughout the world to cure and prevent diseases. Unfortunately there’re very few educators in the world with the authentic international credentials and the expertise to provide you an equality lifestyle. Professor Dodaro spent over 20 years with Gen. Hsu privately and 20 additional years privately with Dr. Hong-Chao Zhang. This is yours and your family’s precious life please do the research yourself because the wrong system can’t actually deteriorate your mind and body.

Hard style martial arts that uses excessive muscular tension causes fatigue that allows muscle fibers to stiffen. This greatly reduces nourishment to insufficient level by stagnating the circulation of blood and lymph. When the hand clenches a fist, circulation stops in the hand as pressure is returning to the heart in the circulatory system and through the laogong acupuncture energy field point channel that directly connects to the heart. This places a tremendous stress on the heart that has caused severe heart attacks. Tension causes contraction of the heart that if struck can be fatal. Punches places negative pressure on the shoulder, elbow, wrist and finger joints that can damage range of motion, tendons, ligaments, fascia, nerves head, neck, and vertebrae. Aggressiveness, anger, and tension destroyed the liver and disrupt the mind for making right decisions.

Kicking and punching has deteriorated hips and knees causing replacements by famous martial artists. Muscle tension has caused heart attacks.

FBI statistics 80% of law enforcement officers that use punches or kicks in a confrontation end up in breakage to themselves and have trouble in court

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