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True Story / Movie / Television Series / Documentary / gifted Italian boy grows up with Alfonzo Capone’s Chicago Mafia Royal Guards conquering his incredible endeavor to evolve into Dragon 22nd Assassin under China’s greatest strategic three-star General Hsu, Fun Yuen who created 21 assassins and 21 Dragon Death Squad backups executing professional guerrilla warfare ending the 2nd Sino-Japanese War where 25 million civilians and 5 million soldiers gave their lives from 1937 to 1945, prelude to World War II.

Professor Joseph Dodaro’s upbringing story is quite amazing as it begins in downtown Chicago’s Little Italy surrounded by three large CHA low income housing projects with several buildings in each one, where violence never sleeps. Drug lords control the extremely dangerous streets as the police were never around. The Italian Mafia Guards protected his neighborhood as they were greatly outnumbered but highly skilled. Raised by his grandmother in traditional Italian style.

Joseph grows up in Al Capone’s armies, trained to kill with firearms and daggers by Italian Mafia Hitmen. Royal Guards of the Godfather trained him in strategic gangster warfare. The gangsters were trained by Shaolin Renegade Warrior Monks and Chinese Grand Masters. At 13 Joseph began training with the Chinese Royal Guards. The Mafia protected the neighborhood with their lives as they would be seriously injured in the battles and continually aggressively attack.

The homes had submachine gun bullet holes in the walls from the 45 caliber Tommy Guns. Watchers, World War II snipers always protected the neighborhood. Nights, the drug lords, gangs, and gangsters ruled the streets. Hundreds of low income homeless people searching for food, drugs, and shelter would kill to survive. Restaurants and nightclubs were filled as gangsters owned several properties. Fight to survive as predators are well skilled tactical street fighters.

Family TV show was Untouchables as Alfonzo Capone was a saint as he made his personal business making sure the neighborhood was safe. At 7 years old in Chicago’s Little Italy YMCA Joseph began his first combat lesson of jujitsu. Over 58 years of incredible dedication and determination he would become Professor Tang Chen Wu Dragon 22nd Assassin mastering three secretive Chinese military systems that were proven effective on the battlefield 7000 years.

As a young boy he was trained to understand his environment immediately recognize danger and alert the hitman. Neighborhood had 500 Italian citizens as the projects and the ghettos had thousand’s low income population that surrounded Little Italy. He would witness the peaceful walks with Martin Luther King that turned into racial riots in the 60s and 70s as buildings were burnt down. The rioters broke into his home torturing his grandmother blinding her in one eye, broken wrist, and ribs. Impossible to stop hundreds of rioters, gangs, drug lords, etc. National Guard was ordered to patrol the streets for months.

Joseph’s education demanded he travel through Chicago’s dangerous neighborhoods where he was excepted and allowed to train with three star General Hsu, Fun Yuen who was raised by a Shaolin Warrior Monk from age 5 to 16. He became the personal bodyguard of Chiang Kai-Shek China’s President and military leader. Gen. Hsu was excited to train his first non-Chinese China’s secretive military system to survive Chicago’s dangerous streets. The disciple was highly skilled is he would start preparing to fight in the world tournament in Taiwan no rules and regulations or time limits. You fight in a 8 foot circumference circle with no equipment, people died in this tournament. Two years later Gen. Hsu told his disciple he had to close his academy for one month during the same time of the tournament as his disciple would make the best decision of his life to stay and train students instead of fighting in the tournament. Gen. Hsu upon return was so proud of his disciple to give up this fame for him that he decided to train him to become an assassin and the most amazing system that ever exists.

Gen. Hsu became the greatest assassin in the world and passed down his incredible knowledge to his disciple Joseph Dodaro as he became Dragon 22nd Assassin. His journey would travel creating the greatest adventures with a high-level Chinese and Japanese educators that gave him the secrets of the universe. This is his story the first non-Chinese to master this magnificent incredible secretive assassination system. The disciple follows orders for 20 years never challenging the command. This is a Military System demanding extensive knowledge in creation of energies indiscipline to train in the secret routines.

We start to comprehend that assassination execution combat energy conditioning maneuvers are light years beyond conventional punching kicking and realize the dangers of trying to use techniques that require two arms to control unfortunately will get you killed on the battlefield. To evolve the assassin it is imperative to understand how to increase exploding force by conditioning the body mentally and physically. Shen the mind transforms energetic forces that developed supernatural forces in The transformation of the three secret energies that explode the fourth. Military Taijiquan it’s one of China’s secretive systems that was created on the battlefield for extended time. This System is reserved for specialized practitioners only and you will never see this in a martial arts school.



China’s Three-Star Gen. Hsu, Fun Yuen Imperial Warrior Assassins certified his disciple Joseph Dodaro 20 years, 20 hours weekly private lessons 1976-1997 to Master of Military Taijiquan / QI Gong / Shaolin / June 30, 1991 / Gen. Hsu created 21 invincible assassins to execute professional guerrilla warfare ending the second Sino Japanese War. Gen. Hsu disciplines his disciple to evolve the most extraordinary endeavor of his life becoming Master Tang Chen Wu Dragon 22nd Assassin.

China’s traditional military systems execute secretive assassin combat energy conditioning maneuvers simultaneously develop the highest level of health and combat evolving the assassin. Shen the mind executes electrically signaling instantly to the contractile muscles to engage into the assault at full devastating deadly force with the entire body.

Shaolin animal styles sculpture the muscles, strengthen the bone mass, and transform energies to move with the power and force of the Ferocious Tiger. China’s assassins kill quickly in proximity with multiple parts of the body simultaneously. Assassin’s secretive routines strategically execute explosive force against a multitude of attacks including weapons.

Secretive routines execute the transformations of energies energizing the mind and body 24 hours than rejuvenate. These magnificent routines keep assassins at a intensified level of alertness as they strategically attack without tension or anger destroying the enemy simultaneously re-energize instantly. China’s Systems evolved on the battlefields over thousand of years where combat conditioning is vital. Assassin’s never kick, punch, use techniques that fatigue the body quickly and are prone to injury. Assassin combat energy conditioning maneuvers execute deadly force instantly in proximity.

Dr. Hong-Chao Zhang of Wushu / Government Educator from China’s QI Gong Research Associations at Wuhan and Shanghai Institutes of Physical Education certified his disciple Joseph Dodaro 1996-2016 Academic Ranking Professor of QI Gong March 5, 2015 / Professor of Taijiquan October 8, 2014 / Professor of Shaolin February 18, 2015. These systems have been endorsed by Harvard Medical School and research centers in the world as best kept secrets in medical history.

Professor Dodaro has trained thousands of practitioners at his academy over 30 years, law enforcement agencies, private homes, and businesses. He has witness a dramatic change helping people lower their blood pressure, reduce stress, alleviate psychoactive substance abuse, psychological dependencies, anger, and depression. Psychiatrists have send patients to Professor and notice a surge of good health in a short period of time. Pharmaceutical companies have endorsed Taijiquan and QI Gong as the best exercises to help the medication circulate getting a better response.

Shaolin Warrior Monk James Lee 1974-2012 certified his disciple Joseph Dodaro to Master of Shaolin Warrior Monk QuanFa Tiger and King Cobra Jan. 1,1995 Secretive Chinese Family Clan. Shaolin Quan-Fa is the Prelude to the secretive system of assassin execution maneuvers. This remarkable system is being released for the first time for combat choreography for the film Industry. Tiger executes the greatest deadly assault as forearms crush through the enemies defense. Quickly Tiger executes Chen devastating deadly strikes to the vital areas or release the King Cobra placing the enemy in constrictions.

Tiger assassin engages in the assaults then quickly executes the King Cobra precise fatal strikes. Assassins after the kill use constrictions to silently take the enemy to the ground. The King Cobra executes deadly poison hands that strike with a pressurized force an advance method of constriction. Witness this attack on the website under videos in the combat trailer. Excellent system for law-enforcement it places fear in the enemy that shocks the audience in combat choreography. Short version was released to Chicago PD that saved the lives of some of the female officers on Chicago’s dangerous streets.

Cmdr. Koichi Tohei Japan’s Imperial Army / Aikikiai Hombu Dojo Japan 1974-2001 certified Joseph Dodaro to Shoden advanced level of KI Development August 25, 1986 / Sandan third degree Black Belt / KI Aikido / Military Aiki-Jujutsu July 24, 1987 / Associate Lecturer September 16, 1995 / Sensei Joseph Dodaro is authentically internationally register at Aikikiai Hombu Dojo Japan. Sensei Dodaro spent over 30 hours weekly in classes and seven private lessons in Aiki-Jujutsu.

Zen Priest Shihan Fumio Toyoda Aikikiai Hombu Dojo Japan 1974-2001 certified Sensei Joseph Dodaro to Yodan Fourth Degree Black Belt Aikido / Military Aiki-Jujutsu May 18, 1998. Aiki-Jujutsu is incredible for combat choreography especially the weapon and multiple attackers that looks phenomenal. Sensei was privately trained in Aiki-Jujutsu 27yrs.