China's ingenious strategic three-star General Hsu, Fun Yuen evolves 21 elite Special Forces Assassins to execute the greatest tactical assault on Japanese camps high up in the mountains to end the Second Sino Japanese War 1937 to 1945 where 25 million civilians and 5 million soldiers gave there lives. Assassins were greatly outnumbered, but highly skilled.



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D/L PDF File Evolve the Assassin over 550 pages of step-by-step pictures of Military Shaolin Warrior Monk Tiger and King Cobra Devastating Deadly Combat. Evolved on the battlefield for thousands of years. Executed in The action film DRAGON 22ND ASSASSIN / SPIRITUAL WARRIOR

Aiki-Jujutsu Secretive lethal system it was released by Cmdr. Koichi Tohei of theInternational Aikikiai Hombu Dojo Japan 1974.

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7,000 yrs. ago evolved by Taoist Monks / foundation for Chinese military systems / Combat, Health, Energetic conditioning system. Endorsed by Harvard Medical School as the best kept medical secret in history as the amount of diseases it can cure or prevent is astronomical. / Prof. Dodaro recognized in China as Doctor internal medicine / used in modern psychiatry to alleviate stress, depression, anxiety, overweight etc.


Professor Joseph Dodaro Advanced by Dr. Hong-Chao Zhang of Wushu a government educator and a founding member of QI Gong Research Associations at Wuhan and Shanghai Institute of Physical Education in China. QI Gong 7000 years old evolve by Taoist Monks. Taijiquan evolve 2000 years ago by General QI on the Battlefield.


Professor Dodaro 64 years old is in the best combat energy condition of his life without any prescription drugs. Military QI Gong is the greatest secret of the universe and it is the foundation including the pressurized force breathing system for Taijiquan and all of China's military systems. Research centers throughout the world are amazed with the health and energy conditioning that is preventing in curing disease. Research is strictly with the beginners therefore easy to see and monitor each session. China discovered QI Gong 7000 years ago and now the world has finally accepted it.


Professor Dodaro was trained in a secretive military assassination system that is unbelievable witnessing the energy an extremely powerful Force as he executes the routines extremely low like Tiger and Dragon. Please understand there are very few people in the world with his extraordinary knowledge in his incredible methodology of helping students understand this extensive comprehensive system. His authentic international credentials in QI Gong would be accepted as a doctor of internal medicine in China. It is vital to have an authentic educator who spend at least 25 years of training.


Watching the short film by Prof. Dodaro gives you a clear basic explanation of these transformations of energies vital to nourish the biological life force system. Learning the physical movements with pressurized force breathing Is vital, slowly overtime go lower in the postures, increased deep breathing, begin to understand the transformations of energies and most of all enjoy your training. Meditative music is enjoyable and if you had the pleasure to do it outdoors is outstanding. It is essential to make a lifetime commitment and you need an hour a day but Just take your time.

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Energy is unbelievable if you can consistently do your training daily and preferably at the same time. You will be amazed at how you feel, you push yourself to lose weight if necessary, avoid psychoactive substance abuse and psychological dependencies. Shen is the conscious and unconscious mind and begin to take over your body stopping you from addictions and depression. QI Gong gives you that brilliant vibrant glow of health that pushes you to make greater goals.


There are several changes you will feel immediately beginning with happiness as your body and mind appreciate that you're taking care of them. Your family is inspired as the household becomes happier, making love becomes more special, and the new energy gives you motivation to push harder. Professor executes extraordinary powerful QI Gong and Taijiquan System, as he trains at least eight hours each day depending upon his teachings and scheduling. He has three main systems demanding daily routines essential for his level. Healthy food and protein drinks before and after is important especially to build muscle. If you are overweight Shen the mind will help you to create a healthy environment.


Energy is created from the routines that will last 24 hours then rejuvenate by practicing the routines again. Energy doesn't come from caffeine or sport drinks, it comes from a healthy, happy mind and body that trains consistently. The benefits become magnificence and sexual energy is created from Jing one of the three treasure energies brings energy from the earth just below your navel. It's best if your partner joins your training as you feel the entire mind and body engaged in transforming energies that increase sexual energy and time. A minimum of one hour is a good start.


Shen important treasure energy is located between the eyebrows and it is the control center it keeps the mind focused avoiding negative emotions. Shen helps you make the right decisions throughout your life. QI located just below the middle the chest is dynamic life force energy. Three treasure energies transforming in the microcosmic orbit of energy is extremely important to develop the knowledge to feel this magnificent force. Always increase your time, sink lower in the movements, executes QI meditative pressurize forced breathing, your body and mind will be happy as you enjoy life.


The secret to longevity is to maintain great health as love is the strongest emotion that wipes out on negativity in your body like a waterfall taking the negativity from head to toe. It is vital that everybody in the family is loved including the pets. A happy home sends children to school happy it quickly spreads to other children and they come home happy. An argument in the morning destroys the child and it spreads to other children. Taking care of yourself and your family prevents negative emotions from entering. QI Gong goes far beyond a workout it's a lifestyle and you deserve it.

Professor Joseph Dodaro’s International Famous Educators

Dr. Hong-Chao Zhang

Doctor Of Wushu

General Hsu Fun Yuen

21 Invincible Assassins

Cmdr Koichi Tohei

Japans Imperial Army

Fumio Toyoda

Zen Priest

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